Phone Wallet Stand

Reference: CHD-03
Phone Wallet Stand
Reference : CHD-03

This product is made of environmentally friendly PU fabric with a built-in strong magnet, which can easily attach to the back of the iPhone with MagSafe function and install it in place. You can also attach it to various MagSafe protective cases to showcase your unique style and store up to 2 credit cards with confidence. The card holder has a 2 in 1 function, allowing for one second switching between horizontal and vertical screens, making it easy to hold and more labor-saving and stable to hold.

Technical details

Overall size: (W) 64.5 x (H) 97x (D)7.5mm(±0.3mm).

Bracket size:(W) 40 x (H) 40x (D)3.7mm(±0.3mm).

Weight about :38.6g(±2g).

Absorbed on iPhone directly: approximately 0.72kgf 

Adsorbed on MagSafe protective shell: approximately 1.05kgf

Adsorbed on iPhone 14 with a lateral support angle of approximately 30 ° 

Vertical support angle adsorbed on iPhone 14 phone: approximately 59 °

Can store 2 cards (bank card/business card)

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